CM to Inches

Welcome to CM to Inches, this website is set up to do one thing and that is to convert cm to inches. Hopefully it does the job for you!

The cm to inches converter is found on the right side of the page, simple input the cm you wish to convert, press submit and it will convert the amount into inches and also a separate conversion into feet as an added bonus.

Please not it converts cm to feet as a percentage so 100 cm is 3.24 inches not 3 feet 24 inches! The conversion result in each box is independent from the other.

You can also input the inches or input the feet and the cm to inches converter will convert the amount into the other two empty boxes.

Make sure you bookmark this site so you have easy access to this simple cm to inches converter, you never no when you want to convert cm to inches and there is nothing worse than trying to find a reliable converter when you are in a rush.

Having a cm to inches converter is such a handy thing! whether for school, uni, work or home, people always need to convert cm to inches! thats why I cam up with this easy to use site. I want you to convert the cm you need to convert using my cm to inches converter and then get on with what you need to do!

The CM to Inches website is free to use, so if you would like to say thanks then feel free to make a donation to help in the server and other running costs of this site. The Paypal donate button can be found on the right side of this page. Its a great way to say thanks regardless of the donation size.

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